Clothes in the Toilet

Sometimes individuals living with dementia do things that seem out of the ordinary. That is because of the damage to the brain caused by dementia. Individuals may think they are being helpful, or they may mistake something like a toilet for a washing machine. You want to try different techniques… Read More

Music Can Help Bathing Time

You may find that showers are more successful when you and the individual involve music. Turn on his or her favorite song and sign along. You may need to start singing before the individual joins you.. The brain’s connection to music is one of last areas to be impacted by… Read More

Tips to Encourage Washing Hands

For individuals that may not like to wash their hands after using the restroom, here are some simple tips that may help: Make sure the individual has all of the needed supplies for handwashing. Try giving simple cues “turn on the water,” “pick up the soap,” “rub your hands together.”… Read More

Inappropriate Behavior at Bath Time

Worked with a gentleman who had dementia who was sexually inappropriate . I had to give him a bath that day and to keep him occupied I started singing songs from musicals. He knew every song which he sang along with me and there was no sexual inappropriateness. Read More

Overview: Bathing and Hygiene

One of the most common activities for caregivers is to help with washing and bathing. Although helping with personal care can quickly become routine for the caregiver, it is important to remain sensitive to the fact that someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease may view things very differently. In the… Read More

CAREGiver Shows How to Encourage Shower Time

In this video, a Home Instead CAREGiver™ gives an example on how to encourage one to bathe. Read More

5 Tips to Get More Cooperation during Bath Time

Use daily, no-rinse bathing wipes for the days they do not bathe. Schedule a specific time every day for “bath time,” and treat it like a spa experience. Ask your loved one to help you try out a new soap, shampoo or lotion. Does your loved one have safety concerns… Read More

3 Quick Tips to Make Bedtime Easier

Keep your loved one engaged, busy and happy during the day. Play some soft music or get some soothing aroma therapy for the bedroom. Sometimes just sitting with your loved one till they fall asleep can calm them and help them fall asleep sooner. Read More

5 Simple Wardrobe Changes That Make Managing Mild Dementia Easier

Conform the sock drawer. Switch to socks that are all identical—same style and color. No more searching for matches, or not realizing that brown and black aren’t the same. Go solid. Pare down tops and sweaters so they all color-coordinate easily. Better still, eliminate prints so outfits never clash. Adopt… Read More

Toileting at Home

Look for signs that your parent may need to use the bathroom. Fidgeting, pulling at clothes, agitation. The more you anticipate this need, the easier it usually is. Leaving the bathroom door open can help with the visual cue that the bathroom is free. Simply being able to see the… Read More