1. Conform the sock drawer. Switch to socks that are all identical—same style and color. No more searching for matches, or not realizing that brown and black aren’t the same.
  2. Go solid. Pare down tops and sweaters so they all color-coordinate easily. Better still, eliminate prints so outfits never clash.
  3. Adopt a uniform. Some people with mild dementia choose to adopt a uniform look they’re known for—say, a white t-shirt and black cardigan with slacks, or a turtleneck.
  4. Enlarge the fasteners. Go on a hunt for wee buttons and tiny zipper pulls. They can befuddle any pair of aging hands, but combined with the physical limitations dementia can bring, they can be utterly impossible.
  5. Simplify the shoes. Fussy buckles and challenging laces will become increasingly frustrating. Slip-on loafers, Velcro-style closures, or very simple styles are better.