Managing Toilet Use in Public

Planning ahead is very helpful. If possible, know where the bathrooms are located so you don’t have to search for them when you need them. Think about the clothes your parent is wearing those days and make sure they are easy to take off in a public bathroom. If you… Read More

Alzheimer’s Patient Won’t Flush Toilet Tissue

People with dementia often start doing things they would never have done in the past—but it really varies as to what those behavioral symptoms are. The best thing in these situations is to simply find a way to “work around” a behavior like this. Perhaps the trash can in the… Read More

What to Do if Your Loved One with Dementia Won’t Shower

There are several techniques you might want to try. First, if it is possible, give your loved one a choice about shower time. If your loved one is at a stage he or she can not make these kind of choices, make sure that everything is set up for the… Read More

What to Do If a Facility Won’t Bathe Your Loved One

Have a meeting with the person responsible for nursing care. Find a creative way to get the person to take a bath or shower. If being naked is a problem, allow them to wear a gown or bathing suit. Approach the person with cues. Read More

What to do If Your Loved One Won’t Let You Bathe Them

Bathing is a common problem but a complex one. Think about the whole process and ask yourself some questions about the possible causes of behavior: Are there possible personal causes such as privacy? Dignity? (How would any of us feel being told we need to bathe?) Is the bathroom comfortable?… Read More

3 Bed Safety Suggestions

Consider installing side railings on bed. Put mattress on the floor to prevent nighttime falls. Clip an alarm to the mattress to alert you if your loved one tries to get up. Read More

Strategies on Helping Your Loved One Who Struggles with Grooming

Let the stylist or barber know the person has dementia when you book the appointment, to allow for extra time. Don’t try to maintain an elaborate women’s hairstyle. Ask the stylist to “accidentally” cut it extra-short, so you can go longer between trimmings. Exception: If a woman has a long… Read More

How to Handle One Who Has Poor Oral Health

Have professional backup: Visit a dentist twice a year to check for cavities, gum infections, dangerously cracked teeth, ill-fitting dentures, and the like. Make sure the office knows the person has dementia, to book adequate time. For tough cases, ask for a referral to a geriatric dentist who has experience… Read More

Advice For Caregiver on What to Do If One Refuses to Bathe

Build positive associations with bathing: Precede the bath with a pleasant activity (listening to a favorite radio program) and follow up with another one (a dish of ice cream). Build pleasant associations with the bathroom, such as hanging favorite pictures there. Keep the door closed for privacy. Buy the person’s… Read More

How to Deal With One Who Forgets to Bathe

Stick to a consistent bathing routine. Make it the same time the person previously bathed (first thing in the morning, right before bed). Don’t remind or even mention how long it’s been since the last cleanup. Instead of arguing, proceed with bath preparations. Don’t ask, “Did you shower?” or “Would… Read More