A Few Tips on Avoiding Bedtime Struggles and Sleep Problems

Try to develop a sleep schedule. Understand your loved one’s medication and their possible effects on sleep. Limit caffeine. Consider safety precautions to ensure your peace of mind and a restful sleep. Read More

Comforting Phrases For Your Family Member Who Struggles at Bedtime and With Sleep

“Here’s the bathroom mom. You head in and I’ll wait for you.”  If it’s bedtime, say: “I’m really tired. You must be, too. Let’s go to bed now.” “Why don’t we dim the lights, turn down the TV and read a bit before bedtime.” “We did a lot of work… Read More

Strategies for Your Loved One Struggles with Bedtime and Sleep Problems

Try encouraging your family member to get up a little earlier each day. Engage your loved one in physical activities such as gardening, walking and helping with housework. By providing adequate fluids to your family member, you decrease the risks of nighttime leg cramps and other discomforts. Serve the last… Read More

How to Avoid Bedtime Struggles and Sleep Problems

Commit to helping your loved one get up a little earlier each day. Wind down at the end of the day and look forward to sleep. Avoid caffeine and switch to de-caffeinated if your loved one enjoys coffee. Ensure your loved one is exposed to sunlight before mid-afternoon. Exercise daily…. Read More

How to Communicate With Your Loved One When They Struggle at Bedtime

Plan Ahead. Cue. Reason. Provide comforting touches. Read More