Social Signs it Might be Time for Assisted Living

Think realistically about the person’s social connections. Social circles tend to shrink with age, which can have health and safety implications. Look for: Signs of active friendships. Does your loved one still get together for lunches or outings with friends or visits with neighbors, or participate in religious activities or… Read More

Up-Close Signs it Might be Time for Assisted Living

Give your loved one a big hug. Clues aren’t always visible from a distance; especially when you don’t see the person every day, you might learn more through touch. Look for: Noticeable weight loss. Does the person feel thinner? Are clothes loose, or has he added notches to his belt?… Read More

Big-Picture Signs it Might be Time for Assisted Living

Keep the big red flags in mind. Certain situations make it more obvious that it’s wise to start thinking about alternate living arrangements. Look for: Recent accidents or close calls. Did your loved one take a fall, have a medical scare, or get in a fender bender (or worse)? Who… Read More

Ideas to Help Provide Alzheimer’s Care From Far Away

Lend a supportive ear. Connect with the patient. Don’t leave all the medical know-how to others. Provide help financial help. Stay in the loop. Join a local Alzheimer’s group. Be technology savvy. Read More

Telling Your Loved One About Their Move

When dementia is in the picture, local reasoning fails. It will be hard to convince your loved one to make the change. Get the new place fixed up with some of your furniture and just make the move. Let your loved one know shortly before that you’ve arranged a lovely… Read More

Key Things to Look For in an Assisted Living Facility

If you go to the assisted living facilities association website,, there is a checklist that you can use to assess assisted living facilities. Read More

Advice for Moving a Loved one Closer from Far Away

Persons with dementia respond well to begin with a caring family member. Many families share the responsibilities of taking acre of a loved one who does travel between houses. A long trip may be stressful—be sure that their medical benefits travel with them. Change can be hard for any person… Read More

Moving Loved One to an Unfamiliar Area

A change for someone with dementia may be hard at first, but they will probably adapt just fine. It is not recommended to make a move if a person has a rich social network in their home town or wonderful services. If the move is to be nearer to family… Read More

End of Life Care and Planning

Your loved one may be a candidate for hospice services, and you and the whole family could benefit from those holistic and supportive approaches. You should review with your family his/her end of life wishes and discuss what you do and don’t want at this point (and what your loved… Read More

Moving your Loved One to an Assisted Living Facility

The two major reasons for moving to an assisted living facility are safety and socialization. Even knowing you need to make the placement doesn’t always make it easy. Most excellent programs know how to welcome people like your loved one, create an interesting and meaningful day, help them feel valued… Read More