Delusional behavior in a person with dementia can be very difficult to deal with. The first step is to have this person assessed by a doctor. If you have had this person assessed, it’s time for a follow-up. Delusional behavior is not uncommon in people with dementia. You need to talk to your loved one’s doctor to make sure the best treatment plan is in place, and that this person is referred to a specialist if needed. You need to consider the best living options for your loved one. As always, the number one issue to consider is safety. Would bringing in a home care service for a few hours a day be affordable and allow this person to remain in their home safely? If you can afford it, you may want to consider an assessment from a geriatric care manager in your area. He or she would both assess the situation and help you put a care plan in place. You can call the Adult Services unit of your County Department of Social Services and see if this person is eligible for county-funded services.