Conversation On Delusions

If Mom says, “There’s a man outside,” say “He’s just passing by. Let’s go have some lunch.” “Mom, tell me more about what you see outside. Let’s go sit down and discuss this over tea.” “Would it help if I sat with you? May I hold your hand?” If Dad… Read More

Strategies to Implement When Your Family Member Experiences Delusions

In any occurrence react calmly, don’t argue or try to reason or deny the experience. Enter your loved one’s reality. Understand triggers for delusions. Be sure to have vision and hearing checked regularly. Check the environment for inadequate lighting, shadows, reflections and glare. Take a step back and consider that… Read More

Help for Caregivers Handling Loved One’s with Delusions and Hallucinations

Remember that a loved one can’t control these behavioral symptoms. Try to engage in conversation about growing up—it may comfort your loved one to go back to a happy time in their life. Help your loved one stay connected to the areas of their life that they knew and loved. Read More

Communication Tactics For Handling Delusions and Hallucinations

Don’t argue. Redirect. Educate friends and family. Use physical touch. Read More

Managing Alzheimer’s Delusions and Wandering

Delusions and wandering are issues commonly associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Delusions may include accusations of theft and paranoia. Wandering can be especially frightening. This video discusses some tips and strategies to minimize and plan around these two challenging aspects of dementia. Read More

Dealing with Delusional Behavior in a Person with Dementia

Delusional behavior in a person with dementia can be very difficult to deal with. The first step is to have this person assessed by a doctor. If you have had this person assessed, it’s time for a follow-up. Delusional behavior is not uncommon in people with dementia. You need to… Read More

What Should I Do When a Loved One is Having a Panic Attack?

Trying to explain away fears in the middle of a panic attack—when your family member’s heart might be racing, breathing is shallow, and feelings of terror are overwhelming—almost never works. While it’s happening, be supportive and comforting. Repeat simple phrases like “you’re going to be okay” or “we’ll take care… Read More

How Do I Deal with Delusions?

Delusions can be frightening and painful for both the senior and the family. If you are caring for someone who is experiencing delusions, consider these tips: Try not to overreact or get upset, even if, like the false accusation, the delusion is upsetting. Remember, a real disease or disorder is… Read More