Use Psychology

Use psychology, get the patient to do what is best for them, by making them believe it is totally their own idea. Believe me, that is not easy. Read More

Overview: Going Out in Public

The stigma of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be embarrassing, so families tend to quietly withdraw from their former lives. Social interactions eventually overwhelm people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, and it can become difficult for them to even get out of the house. Due to difficult and unusual dementia… Read More

5 Ways to Make Travel Less Stressful for Someone With Early Memory Loss

Plan your destination with care. Share the planning details. Start early. Take extra time. Stick together. Read More

How to React When Someone With Dementia Is Inappropriate in Public

Try to fix what might have led to the act of disinhibition. Maybe the person really is hot. Casually offer to turn on the a/c and fetch a cool cotton top. For chronic undressers, try putting clothes on backward (buttons or zippers in the back), or look online for special… Read More

Tips for You Handling Your Loved One’s Misbehavior in Public

As Alzheimer’s slowly robs self-awareness, the person becomes less inhibited, losing both memory of how he or she once behaved as well as a sense of social norms. It’s as if an internal filter on what’s polite behavior or not is turned off. It is important not to think of… Read More