Overview: Hiding / Misplacing Things / Rummaging

When your loved one hides things, they may not realize what the items are or that they belong to someone else. They are not intentionally trying to hide an important item. Because of the disease, they just doesn’t understand. Rummaging through cupboards and drawers is something your loved one may… Read More

Advice to Handle Hiding & Misplacing Things

Secure important items so that your loved one cannot easily misplace them such as keys, the check book, etc. Allow your loved one to “hide” other items like pens, dish towels, etc. Make your home as clutter free as possible.. Consider giving  your loved one a fake or spare set… Read More

Tips to Avoid One From Losing Money

Accept that one will hide money. Try to learn their hiding places. Do not get into a confrontation about lost money. When out to eat, discreetly speak to the waiter/waitress and prepay the dinner by giving your credit card. Read More

5 Tips to Reducing Lost and Misplaced Items

Put your own keys in a place where your loved one is unlikely find them. Instead of using a hook or shelf by the door, hide them in the back of a lower drawer or shelf. Give your loved one a set of old keys to hold onto. Unplug all… Read More

What to Do When Your Loved One Rummages

Rummaging through drawers or papers is one of many different repetitive behaviors some individuals living with Alzheimer’s tend to show. This can be triggers by nervousness, boredom, anger, or vulnerability. As a caregiver, here are some tips for you: Appreciate that this curious system is a function of the disease… Read More

3 Tips to Avoid Hiding and Misplacing Things or Rummaging

To help prevent the frustration of lost items, set aside time to get organized. Plan out meaningful activities before each day to help avoid boredom. Help your loved one succeed in their environment. Read More

Conversation With Your Family Member on Hiding and Misplacing Items or Rummaging

“Dad, I’m sorry we can’t find your book. I’ll look for it later. I am sure it will turn up.” “Dad, I probably misplaced the remote control myself. Don’t worry, I’ll find it.” “Dad, it looks like you’re looking for something in the drawer. Can I help you?” “Mom, your… Read More

How to Handle the Situation When One Hides or Misplaces Things or Rummages

If items go missing, react calmly. Help your loved one maintain a regular routine. Lock up any valuables. Keep an eye on daily mail. Encourage positive rummaging. Observe your loved one to determine if they are hiding items. If hidings things becomes a big problem, consider installing a surveillance camera… Read More

3 Tips for Caregivers Dealing with One Who Rummages or Hides and Misplaces Items

Organization will make life run more smoothly. Avoid clutter. Give yourself a break from constant rigors. Read More

Ways to Refrain Your Loved One From Rummaging or Misplacing and Hiding Items

Get organized. Take responsibility for valuables. Be creative. Check your loved one’s usual hiding places periodically. Regularly check the trash can before it’s put out. Keep your loved one’s days busy. Read More