Overview: Holidays

The holidays can be particularly stressful for families of seniors suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It may be difficult to look forward to the holidays when a beloved family member is not himself and displaying difficult or unusual behavior. Memories of better times may surface as reminders of what you’ve lost… Read More

Happy Holiday Tips for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Try to match planned activities to things the person with Alzheimer’s enjoyed during his or her lifetime. Look for group activities that span generations. Refrain from having visitors come to the person all at once. Play background music that’s familiar and soothing to the person with dementia. Involve the person… Read More

Tips for Holiday Decor

Changing the room layout and decorations may be confusing to your loved one during the holidays. Perhaps keep the decor to a minimum in their house. One idea is to take your loved one on a drive to admire other’s decorations. Holiday decorations may bring back memories of their childhood… Read More

Days after the Holidays When Family is Gone

The days after the holidays can be confusing. Stay in a routine during and after the holidays to keep your loved one’s daily activities consistent. Read More

4 Tips to Manage Alzheimer’s during the Holidays

Recall past traditions of the person—make their favorite mincemeat pie. Celebrate in smaller groups—attend a religious service off hours, or enjoy your own spiritual readings/traditions. Do some simple chores together. Wrapping presents is a good one: “Mother, do you like the red bow or the green ribbon?” Use the holidays… Read More

Alzheimer’s and the Holidays

Enjoy the wonderful traditions around the holidays, play lots of holiday music and use it as a time for reminiscence. What did the person enjoy most this time of year? Modify your events somewhat—smaller groups are better than big crowds. If you are religious, go to a service that isn’t… Read More