Overview: Judgment

Dementia often impacts not only memory, but also insight and judgment. Judgment problems could put your loved one at risk in many areas of their life. From the inability to select appropriate clothing for the weather to responding to a sweepstakes offer in the mail, judgment problems could make one… Read More

What to Do When Your Loved One is Unable to Make Choices

Become an ace anticipator. Anticipate what your loved one wants and needs as best you can and make the decisions for him or her. Don’t feel you have to make a ruse of getting input once he or she has clearly lost the ability to decide. Make things easier on… Read More

How to Help Your Family Member Who Can’t Count Change

By this stage of dementia, don’t allow the person to carry more than a modest amount of money in his or her wallet. Carrying some cash can enhance self-esteem for some people. Remove credit cards (and other key documents) from wallet. Don’t let the person shop unattended. Step in casually:… Read More

Tips on Impaired Judgment and Alzheimer’s

Are you worried that your loved one has impaired judgment? Ask yourself the following questions: Has the person recently made questionable decisions about money management? Has he made odd choices regarding self-care (such as dressing inappropriately for the weather or neglecting to bathe)? Is it hard for her to plan… Read More

Quick Tips to Avoid Judgment Problems

Take time to assess the home for safety issues. Take pro-active steps to work with your loved one’s legal and financial advisors. Read More

Speaking to Your Loved One Regarding Judgment

“You’ve always done a great job with your bills, Dad. Let’s work together and get things organized.” “Dad, the bank wants us to be very careful with our accounts and keep everything private, OK?” “You know, Dad, there are greedy people out there. I won’t let them take advantage of… Read More

Successful Approaches on Judgment Problems

If your loved one is vulnerable to phone scams, turn the ring off on the telephone. If your loved one is answering the phone, be aware of who they are talking with—scammers target older adults with dementia. Look for unusual activity. Befriend your loved one’s neighbor and ask if they… Read More

Suggestions for Caregivers on Loved One’s Judgment

Befriend your senior’s neighbors and ask if they are willing to keep an eye on your loved one. Remember it is OK to ask for help from family and friends. If your loved one is experiencing problems with judgment and has a family pet, make sure the animal is well-cared… Read More