Overview: Medication Mismanagment

Aging adults often take multiple medications. Add to that the confusion that dementia may cause and you have a recipe for disaster. Mismanaging medications can lead to side effects such as drowsiness, irritability and insomnia. Accompanied with dementia, this situation could diminish a person’s quality of life. More than anything,… Read More

Alzheimer’s Patient Refuses to Take Pills, Even When Hidden in Food

Some pills can be crushed up and other pills should not be crushed. Check with the doctor or pharmacist about the medications your loved one is taking. If they can be crushed, consider mixing them into a food that will hide the taste. If the pills can’t be crushed up,… Read More

Helping Someone With Dementia Remember to Take Medications

Try setting up a pillbox in which you can put a week’s worth of pills, sorted by day. Check the pillbox every day to gauge whether the person can keep up with their medication regimen. If a box alone isn’t enough, look into a system that uses a phone’s or… Read More

10 Common Medication Mistakes That Can Kill

Confusing two medications with similar names. Taking two or more drugs that magnify each others potential side effects. Overdoing by combining more than one medication with similar properties. Getting the dosage wrong. Mixing alcohol with medications. Double-dosing by taking a brand-name drug and the generic version at the same time…. Read More

5 Medication Mistakes Even Careful Family Caregivers Make

Modifying pills so they can be swallowed more easily. Filling a details pill organize imprecisely. Storing medications according to convenience. Filling prescriptions at more than one pharmacy. Not keeping a medications master list. Read More

How You Can Help When One Forgets to Refill Prescriptions

Medication mistakes are an early symptom of dementia. It’s important to treat them as a warning sign to begin monitoring the person’s medication use. Check expiration dates on all medications and mark them in your calendar, allowing time to call in a refill—or set up automatic refills. Pick up prescriptions… Read More

How You Can Help Your Loved One with Medication Mismanagement

Medication mistakes are a classic early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Here are some quick ideas of what you can do to help your loved one. Switch to a day-of-the-week pill dispenser. Some versions lock or have self-timers. Consider telephone reminders for people early in the disease. Look into medication reminders… Read More

How to Avoid Medication Mismanagement

Store medicines safely. Review the list of medications with your pharmacist and doctor regularly. Keep a medication tracker. Read about medications. Read More

5 Communication Cues for Medication Mismanagement

“I’m going to help you with your pills. Let’s start with the first one.” “Here is your pill,” rather than “Your prescription is on the counter.” “Here’s the white pill. Place it in your hand. Put it on your tongue. Take a drink of water.” “This pill helps your heart,… Read More

Planning Ahead for Medication Mismanagement

If your loved one can no longer advocate for themselves, you will need to be their eyes and ears. Try faxing questions to your loved one’s doctor prior to an appointment to ensure all your questions are answered. Maintain open communication with your loved one’s pharmacist. If a family member… Read More