Successful Strategies for Managing Mood Changes

Maintain and establish new routines. Break tasks into simple steps. Give choices. Simplifying living space will help. Keep physical environment constant and calm. If your loved one is in a bad mood, ask them to help with simple tasks. If a mood swing occurs, redirect your loved one to a… Read More

Pointers for Caregivers Noticing Mood Changes

Seek out dementia education. Consider delegating care to other family members or friends. Look into respite services. Hire private non-medical caregivers or home health aides. Research financial resources. Remember to take care of yourself. Read More

Tips for Dealing with Mood Swings

Mood swings can be a sign of early dementia or a mental health issue. If this is a new behavior, it is important your loved one be thoroughly assessed by a medical doctor. If your loved one does not have dementia or some other medical condition that is causing these… Read More