Responding to Repetition

The following tips are provided by the Alzheimer’s Association, the world’s leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research.   ©2013 Alzheimer’s Association, reused with permission. The main cause of behavioral symptoms in Alzheimer’s and other progressive dementias is the deterioration of brain cells, which causes a decline in… Read More

Overview: Repetition

Because of your loved one’s memory loss, they could repeat the same phrase, question or task over and over again. While this behavior is not likely dangerous, it can be frustrating for you and other family members. Or puzzling for children, as some of you may discover. You might notice… Read More

Tips on Repetition and Your Loved One

Educate your loved ones to help them understand the situation. Keep your loved one with dementia busy and active. Think about attending a support group. Read More

When They Ask the Same Question Multiple Times

It is very common for people with Alzheimer’s Disease to ask the same question over and over and to get “stuck” on a certain topic. One thing you can do is gently redirect them into an activity or into a different conversation. You can answer the question first, and then… Read More

Preventing Repetitive Behavior

Tune in to your loved one’s daily routine. Identify a few of your loved one’s distractions that could change their course. Surround your loved one with love and attention—this may help ease repetitive actions. Keep your journal current with clues that could lead to repetitive actions. Read More

Holding a Conversation with Your Loved One Who is Repetitive

“Mom, you keep getting your shoes out of the closet then putting them away. Are you anxious about the doctor’s appointment today?” “Mom, you keep asking me what’s for dinner and it is still several hours away. Why don’t we have an apple?” “I’m sorry if I seem frustrated today,… Read More

Tactics to Help with Repetition

Encourage your loved one to find the answer to the question they keep repeating. Your loved one may become anxious about future events, which can lead to repetition—avoid mentioning the trip until a short time before it takes place. Reassure your loved one that they are safe and loved. Try… Read More

Caregiver Advice on Repetitious Behavior

Understand all your loved one can still do. Plan fun activities together. Do not correct your loved one if they start to repeat. Some caregivers carry a card with them to identify their Alzheimer’s disease. Read More

Talking with a Loved One Who is Repetitive

Redirect. Use touch. Listen for clues. Read More

Coping with a Person Living with Alzheimer’s that Constantly Repeats Oneself

It’s hard to practice patience when you are a caregiver for a person living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. Why does a person living with dementia ask the same question repeatedly? The answer is actually pretty straightforward. The hallmark symptom of Alzheimer’s disease is short-term forgetfulness and most of… Read More