Warning Signs that Your Loved One Can No Longer Stay at Home Alone

It’s all about safety! Does your loved one leave the oven on and forget that it’s on? Is your loved one wandering? Stay on top of the situation and notice changes. Conversations from the past can help engage your loved one. Stories and photos from the past can be a… Read More

Loved One Keeps Walking Out

Register your loved one with the Alzheimer’s Association MedicAlert/Safe Return program. This program can be helpful if your loved one ever does wander and get lost. Add bells and alarms to your doors to better track his departures. Read More

Alzheimer’s and Hospitalization: How to Ensure a Safe Hospital Visit for Someone with Dementia

Strangers asking a million questions, unfamiliar beeping noises, unpleasant smells, disorienting hallways and rooms that look nothing like home, feeling unwell or in pain…all these factors can make a hospital visit a traumatic experience, especially for individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. Here’s a set of tips to consider… Read More

Keeping Alzheimer’s Patients Safe: Managing Family Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

This video discusses how to keep your loved one safe. People with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias becoming increasingly unable to take care of themselves. Being aware of the dangers they face and taking preventive action can reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Some common mistakes are misunderstanding the… Read More

Home Safety Considerations for Families Living with Alzheimer’s

If you are part of a family living with Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to remember that one of the keys to aging at home is doing so safely. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease does not have to signal the loss of independence and freedom. As many as 70 percent of… Read More

Tips for Dealing with a Person with Dementia Who Refuses Help

If there is a safety issue or you think your loved one may have dementia, you need to follow up. The first step is to talk to this person’s doctor. If your loved one is willing, you should go with him or her to the doctor. If he or she… Read More

How Do I Talk to my Loved One About the Dangers of Dementia and Driving?

The following tips may be helpful to you when it’s time to talk to a family member about driving and dementia: Explain the situation directly and share your feelings of concern and worry. Sometimes this will work. Recognize that your loved one may genuinely worry about losing his or her… Read More