Overview: Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Dementia can reduce a person’s inhibitions, which may expose their private thoughts, feelings and behaviors of a personal nature, including sex. These actions are symptoms of the disease and sometimes the person is just looking for a human connection. Your loved one may use language that people have never heard… Read More

5 Tips on Handling Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

Sometimes the person with Alzheimer’s is misinterpreting cues. Make sure that your loved one’s caregiver tries not to do anything that could be misconstrued. Come up with some firm responses to your loved one, such as, “Do not say that to me, please.” Is there a particular time or place… Read More

5 Ways to Dissuade Hypersexual Behavior

Provide extra reassurance and physical attention. Try snuggling while watching TV or listening to music; give extra hugs or massage (back, shoulders, body, foot, hand); do a little dancing. Provide cuddling alternatives. For some, a blanket or stuffed animal to pet discharges some of the need to touch. Insist on… Read More

5 Ways to Cope With an Undressing in Public

Replace existing clothing with garments that are difficult to remove without help, such as jumpsuits or tops with back zippers. Search online for Alzheimer’s clothing to find helpful options. Pay attention to signals. Your loved one may start to tug at a zipper or fumble with buttons when feeling uncomfortable…. Read More

Suggestions on Handling Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Diversion is the easiest tactic. Change the subject, clap your hands, turn on the television or music, call out to someone across the room, ask a question … anything that will disrupt their thinking. Physically move your loved one. Guide them away or, if they uses a wheelchair, move them… Read More

Tips to Avoid Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Reassure your loved one regularly. Be aware of your loved one’s clothing choices. Practice and role play the conversation. Read More

How to Speak to Your Family Member Regarding Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

“Dad, instead of fidgeting with your zipper, do you have to go to the bathroom? If not, can you help me fold clothes?” “Dad, don’t touch Mom while she’s trying to nap. Let’s go into the living room and turn on the TV. What would you like to watch?” “Dad,… Read More

Techniques to Handle Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Do not panic—remain calm with relaxed body language. If your loved one comes out for breakfast without their pants on it may not be a sexual gesture—direct them to the bedroom and help dress them. Stand near the bathroom with your loved one’s clothing while they get dressed. Make sure… Read More

Caregivers Who Deal With a Loved Ones Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Talk with a social to help you deal with changes that your loved one is experiencing. Ask your doctor to recommend resources that would be geared to your family member’s situation. Ask others to excuse your loved one’s behavior or advise them to step away. Read More

How to Interact With Your Love One Regarding Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Divert. Physically move / guide your loved one away. Create space between your loved one and other people. Ask questions. Don’t shame or scold. Read More