The following are the 15 most commonly asked questions answered by Alzheimer’s and dementia expert David Troxel.

What is the difference between Alzheimer’s disease & dementia?

On a cold, snowy winter day, a bowl of soup sounds good. “What’s the soup of the day?” you ask the waitress at your favorite restaurant. A few minutes later you are enjoying a steaming cup of clam chowder.   “Soup” is a general term for a category of food…. Read More

What are the stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia?

What stage is my mother in? What can we expect next?” Alzheimer’s disease and the other dementias are usually slow and progressive diseases. The average length of life after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is eight years, although many people live much longer. While there are different theories and views of… Read More

Is Alzheimer’s inherited?

The keynote speaker at a recent Alzheimer’s Association conference had just wrapped up his presentation and asked for questions when a caregiver rushed to the microphone, “Doctor, am I going to get Alzheimer’s disease too?” she asked worriedly. For caregivers and family members, this question looms large. Forget a familiar… Read More

How do I talk to Dad about his diagnosis?

“Whatever you do, don’t tell Dad about his Alzheimer’s disease.” Doctors hear this line often. The families who say it are afraid that the truth will devastate their loved one and lead to hopelessness and depression. Some physicians may comply, but most believe it’s a patient’s right to be fully… Read More

How can I turn a NO into a YES?

“Whenever I ask dad if he wants to go out for a drive, go into the garden, work on some chores, or take a walk, he always declines. I get so frustrated; my new nickname for him is Dr. No!” One of the most common frustrations among family caregivers is… Read More

How can I afford Alzheimer’s services? Long-term care?

Costs for caring for a person living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias can be high, but there are steps that families can take to use their resources wisely and identify sources of help. Any of us who have had a loved one or friend living with dementia understand the… Read More

What are the other types of dementia?

The original name of the US Alzheimer’s Association was the “Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorder Association.” Despite that early nod to the “related” or “other” dementias, for many years almost all the public’s focus was on Alzheimer’s disease, the leading cause of dementia. Approximately 60 percent of all dementia cases… Read More

Why is Mom always angry with me?

We all get angry now and then. We can be angry at a person, like a friend whose chronic tardiness makes us late for a movie. We can be angry at a thing, like an unreliable car that breaks down again and again. We can be angry at ourselves for… Read More

How do I talk to Dad about his dementia and driving?

It’s one of the most challenging problems for family caregivers. What do you do when your family member living with dementia still insists upon driving his or her car? “I was a nervous wreck about Dad’s driving,” remembers Lisa H., a family caregiver. “I confronted him, begged him, and argued… Read More

Do the memory drugs work?

The recommended medical treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and many of the other dementias includes a group of drugs that are often called “dementia slowing” or “memory enhancing” medications. The most prescribed include a group of drugs called cholinesterase inhibitors. These go by the trade names of Aricept, Exelon and Razadyne…. Read More